As a software engineer, the tools I use define how I work and I find it inspiring to see which tools other people use.
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This page focusses on Hardware. For Software, check /stack.

I used to work on laptops without any extras, but over the years ergonomics got more and more important. Now I have a second screen, a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. My main keyboard is split in half and my pointer device is a big red ball.

Work Computer: Thinkpad T14s

Decent CPU, good amount of RAM, very lightweight, great battery life

Thinkpads are my go-to laptops for work. They are robust and performant.

Private Computer: ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo

Fantastic screen, a second display, decent hardware

My private laptop is a bit more experimental. It features a dual screen setup with a 16:10 OLED screen and an additional 16:5(-ish) LCD above the keyboard.

Keyboard: Sofle 2 split-keyboard

I use the Sofle 2 keyboard. I adapted it to my needs. It features two rotary encoders and a customized qmk firmware configuration. The source code can be found on github.

Pointer: Kensington Orbit

The Kensington Orbit is a trackball and a treat for every wrist.

Desk: ergonomic

My desk is height adjustable, so that I can sit or stand at it. Its not a fancy branded one; it does it job well, though.

Chair: ergonomic

My chair is an ergonomic office chair with 4D arm rests and extra back support. I can sit on it all day without issues.