Hi there! I am a programmer, open-source enthusiast and hacker based in Berlin, Germany.

I call myself a code artist, because programming can and should be seen as a creative process; therefore code is art. I love to craft pieces of art with code, that are beautiful and elegant in their simplicity, readability and architecture.

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Thirteen years of professional experience in a couple of tweets

Pretty early in my life I realized that I work best on my own terms. That does not mean that I prefer to work alone. Working with clients, team mates, designers and managers is a crucial part of any development process.

Some time in the year 2009 I decided to not only live up to my way of working but also share my experience even more. I decided to become a freelancing programmer and consultant. Since then many different places benefited from my work. Start-Ups in their first months as well as well known companies like HERE and Deutsche Telekom Labs.

Together with entrepreneurs, UI/UX experts and engineers of many fields I created novel and beautiful applications that still influence the live of thousands of people.

Please see my CV for a more detailed list.


Whenever possible, I try to help others to learn

I’m the organizer of Vuejs // Berlin, a monthly meetup group around Vue and web technologies in general.

Many people want to learn and grow. Whenever I can I try to help those people by sharing my experience and knowledge. I already voluntarily coached at Code Curious, Frauenloop and Jugend Hackt. I also helped children with their first steps into the world of programming at the Berlin CoderDojo.


You can find me all over the interwebs